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Elements of Design

What are the 4 elements of design? color, line, texture and shape
What is a structural line? lines required to maintain the structure of the garment
What is a decorative line? lines created by the designer purely for decoration
What is the message of straight lines? strong, rigid, forceful, formal, crisp
What is the illusion of straight lines? increases, emphasize, reinforces body lines and angles, counters curved lines and rounded
Where would a straight line be placed? closures, necklines,collars, lapels, seamlines, folds and stripes
What is the message of curved lines? gentle, romantic, fragile, sofr and causal
What is the illusion of curved lines? hold attention longer, increases, emphasizes, reinforces rounded soft-body curves
Where are curved lines placed? buttons, bows, sleeves, skirts, ruffles, collars, necklines
What is the message of vertical lines? formal, strong, business-like, majestic, efficient
What is the illusion of vertical lines? increases, emphasizes, reinforces length, height, thinness, slimming
Where are vertical lines placed? deep necklines, pointed collars, vertical stripes,long sleeves, ties, pockets, high heels,
What is the message of horizontal lines? restful, stable, calm, causal, relaxed
What is the illusion of horizontal lines? shows width, shortness, emphasizes bulk,
Where are horizontal lines placed? Necklines, bowties, belts, strap and platform shoes, waistlines, cuffs, horizontal stripes
What is the message of a diagonal line? active, movement, excitement, dramatic, restless, sophiscated, in motion
What is the illusion of diagonal lines? reinforces the direction of the angle
Where is the placement of diagonal lines? v-shaped neckline, diagonalstripes, a-line skirts, shoe laces, zigzag pattern
Where is texture found in fashion? in the thickness and appearance of fabric
What is texture? the one element that you can see and feel
What are the two different types of texture? tactile and visual
Why is texture important in fashion? it can increase or decrease body size/appearance and it can drawattention to a design
What type on texture increase body size? shiny or glossy, thick, bulky, shaggy, fuzzy, wrinkled
What type of texture decrease body size? dull (absorbs light), thin to mid-weight material, smooth and flat surfaces
What are the principles of design? balance, emphasis, proportion/scale, harmony, rythmn
What is balance? refers to how lines, shapes, colors textures and patterns are used to break up an area or space. They are arranged to achieve the feeling of rest and equilibrium
What are the 2 types of balance? symmetrical and asymmetrical
What is the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical symmetrical: exact mirror image (formal balance) asymmetrical: balance but each side is different in some way (informal balance)
What is emphasis? a focalpoint or center of interest in a garment/outfit created by the use of line, shape, color, texture or pattern. A point of rest on for a period of time
What is proportion? parrs of an outfit must be pleasing and look right together
What is rhythm? each part of a design that seems to relate to the other part
What are the 3 types of rhythm? repetition, gradation and radiation
What is harmony? the goal of design, when the elements and principles of design are working together
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