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Religion Gameeeee


Those who offer us unconditional acceptance, love, and hope. True or false. true
Those who remind us of our _____ and our need to change speak for the Church. sins
The world must hear both voices to be _______. transformed
In ______ Church we all must come face to face with our own need for __________ and the ways the kingdom of God from being present in it's fullness. "true"/forgiveness
What 3 sacraments do RCIA Catholics receive to be in full communion with the Catholic Church? Baptism Confirmation and Eucharist.
What is Salvation History? the story of God’s action in human history.
Salvation History Refers to events through which God makes humanity aware of and brings humanity into the __________. kingdom of God.
What is a covenant? the partnership between God and humanity which God has established out of love.
The blood shed on the cross is a sign of what? the new covenant.
The call to ____________ highlights God’s invitation to enter into the dialogue with him. “be the Church”
Despite our many weaknesses and our many failings God always abandons us. True or false. False.
*WAGER QUESTION* Define faith.It's a freely given gift from who? Contact with the mystery of God. GOD.