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Learning to Program with ALICE Chapter 2 key terms

Algorithm A set of instructions for solving a problem.
Argument An item of information that must be supplied so that the program (in this case Alice) can execute an action. EG. Which direction or how far (amount)
Bug an error either in coding or in logic in a program that causes it to perform incorrectly.
comment (in a program) explanatory text embedded in a program intended to help human readers understand the computer code.
control structure an instruction that determines the sequence of execution of other instructions.
design a plan (textual or drawing) that show the look and/or function of the program before creating the program.
implement the act of creating a section of a program or the whole program itself.
instruction one of the lines of code that directs the program to perform an action
method defines how to perform a specific task. A segment of program code. EG. move, turn, roll etc.
nesting one program statement is written inside another. EG. Do together statement might be contained inside of a Do in order statement.
pseudocode textual description that is very close to the program code statements used in a program
runtime when the program is executing and performing the tasks it was designed to do.
scenario a problem or task statement which contains the requirements or specifications of how the program should operate.
state a snapshot of what the program is doing in a particular instant.
storyboard an approach used when creating the solution to a problem. Helpful when designing animations.
syntax the way Alice expects to have a program instruction (i.e. line of code) written in order to execute without error.
trial-and-error a strategy for fixing errors or solving a problem while getting a program to work as you desire.
Created by: marsenault