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Silmarillion Chapter XIX

Who is the fifth son of Feanor and the father of Celebrimbor? Curufin
Who is the master of Huan, friend of Orome and a son of Feanor? Celegorm
What is the kingdom of the Sindar ruled by King Thingol? Doriath
What do Beren and Maedhros have in common? They both lost a hand.
Who survives the fight between Huan and Carcharoth? Neither, they both die.
Son of Barahir and Emeldir and a man of the royal house of Beor. Beren
Land of the fence. Doriath
Thousand caves Menegroth
Thingol sends Beren on a quest to retrieve a silmaril from the crown of whom? Morgoth
Tinuviel nightingale
Valar who oversees the halls of death. Mandos
What does Mandos give Luthien? choice
Who does Sauron torture and also grant a wish? Gorlim
A minstrel who loses his will to sing because of a broken heart. Daeron
The hidden kingdom of Finrod. Nargothrond
The number of times Huan speaks. three
The whelp of Draugluin, the Red Maw. Carcharoth
To whom did Huan speak last? Beren
Who mortally wounds Beren? Carcharoth
Daughter of Haldad, leader of the Haladin. Haleth
Laiquendi Green Elves
King of the Laiquendi. Denethor
Dagor-nuin-Giliath Battle under stars
From whom Barahir receives a ring of friendship. Finrod
Tol-in-Gaurhoth Isle of Werewolves
The number of companions accompanying Finrod and Beren. ten
To whom did Huan speak the first time? Luthien
Wherever she walked, flowers would pop-up. Luthien
Catches Celegorm's arrow in his mouth. Huan
Jaws of thirst. Anfauglir
Slit the stomach of Carcharoth. Mablung
Sang Morgoth into slumber. Luthien
Encloses Doriath. Girdle of Melian.
Kills both Beren and Huan. Carcharoth
Prison of iron. Angband
Vampire bat. Thuringwethil
Horn of Orome. Valaroma
Ered Gorgoroth. Mountains of Terror
Who renames Melkor, Morgoth? Feanor
Killed orc who had the ring of Felagund. Beren
Sauron and Finrod fought with? song
Lake in Dorthonion Tarn Aeluin.
Iron knife Angrist
Saved Beren and Luthien Thorondor
Race of Elves who leave Valinor. Noldor
Land of Sindar, Noldor and Morgoth. Beleriand
Draugluin, Ungoliant, Sauron, Valaraukar Evil Maiar
Tower of Guard 1st Age - City 2nd Age Minas Tirith
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