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IB Film Vocabulary

IB HL English Year 1 Film Vocabuary

A film a big budget film with famous actors
angle camera's view relative to the object being photographed
animation a form of film making; photographing still images with slight variations which, when played back, appear to move
art director set coordinator, sometimes interior design and overall visual styling
back lot standing exterior sets of common locales
B film low budget movie with no name stars who were being tested on film. Often fell into popular genres.
buddy film a male-oriented action film of their adventures. usually lacking in significant female roles.
cinematographer lighting coordinator responsible for the quality of the shot
creative producer producer who supervises filming with extreme detail
distributor someone who books movies in theaters (go-betweens)
epic a film genre with bold, heroic themes where the protagonist represents a culture (national/religious/regional)
faithful adaption a film based on a book that captures the essence of the original
final cut the version of a film that will be released
flashback editing technique where a "past" clip/image interrupts the sequence of the present
flash-forward editing technique where a "future" clip/image interrupts the sequence of the present
foley artist discovers sound effects that make up background noise and are edited in to replace original sound and call attention to a visual item
genre a recognizable type of movie with preset elements
independent producer a producer not affiliated with a big name studio
literal adaptation movie based on a play, most dialogue/actions are the same
loose adaptation movie based on some medium, only superficial resemblance
majors main production studios of a certain era
outtakes shots that are not used in the final cut
producer someone who finances a film and controls how its made
producer-director filmmaker who finances their film independently.
production values the box office appeal of the physical mounting of a film
property anything with a profit-making potential in movies, though generally used to describe a story of some kind: screenplay, novel, etc
rough cut crudely edited footage; rough draft film sequence
rushes/dailies footage from the previous day selected before the filming of the next day
scene imprecise unit of film composed of any number f interrelated shots
screwball comedy often characterized by zany lovers, plots are improbable and tend to veer out of control. Usually include aggressive/charming heroines, outlandish secondary characters, and "slapstick comedy scenes"
script/screenplay/scenario film's written description of dialogue and action
shooting script film's description of individual shots and technical instructions
star an actor/actress of great popularity
star system using star actors to increase box office appeal
star vehicle a movie meant to show off the skills of a star actor
story values the narrative appeal of a movie
studio a large corp. specializing in the production of movies
vertical integration when film production/distribution/exhibition are controlled by the same corp. (1940s -> America outlawed)
widescreen movie image w/ a ratio (horiz.:vert.) of approx. 5:3
women's pictures film genre focusing on womanly problems (i.e. career vs family conflict)
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