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networking chpt.1


network group of computers connected by a transmission media
stand alone computer computer not connected to any other computer
peer to peer network advantages simple configuration; less expensive
peer to peer network disadvantages not flexible.not secure.not practical for large installations
networks enable multiple users to share resources and devices easily.
networks allow you to manage resources on multiple computers from one location
peer to peer network simplest form of a network
no computer on a peer to peer network has more authority then another
modifying the file sharing controls via the computers operating system common way to share resources on a peer to peer network
P2P network newer types of peer to peer network
link computers from around the world to share files between each otheres hard disks P2P networks
server central computer
server faciliate communication and resource sharing between pther computers on the network
workstation computer that runs a desktop operating system and connects to a network
client/server network the design of a network in which clients rely on servers for resource sharing and processing
a network that uses a server to enable clients to share data,data storage space and devices client/server network
clients and servers communicate through connectivity devices as switches and routers
clients on a client server network do not share resources directly with each other,they use the server as an intermediary
examples of clients personal computers,smartphones or mobile phones
to function as a server a computer must be running a network operating system
computer roles server or client
clients run applications and store data locally
client server network easier to add more computers to
server requirements manage data and other resources for a number of clients
server requirements ensure authorized user
server requirements control user file access
server requirements restrict user network access
server requirements supply applications to clients
server requirements dictates computer communication rules
LAN network of computers confined to a relatively small space
LAN building or office
MAN handful of government offices surrounding a capital building
MAN could connect multiple city government buildings around a city center
MAN larger then a lan connecting clinets and servers from multiple buildings
advantages of client server networks user credential assigned in one place
advantages of client server networks multiple controlled resources shared locally
advantages of client server networks central problem monitoring,diagnostics,
advantages of client server networks handle heavy processing loads
advantages of client server networks can connect many computers,more scalable
WAN a network that connects two or more geographically distinct LANs or MANs
MAN uses different technologies and medias than a LAN
WAN public universities within a state might combine and share their resources on
WAN Internet
client computer on the network requesting resources or services from another computer
server a computer on the network that manages shared resources
workstation a computer that may or may not be connected to the internet
NIC device inside a computer that connects a computer to the network media
server runs network operating software
nic network adapter
nos software that runs on a server and enables the server to manage data,users,groups,security,applications and other networking functions
host a computer that enables resource sharing by other computers on the same network
node client,server or other device that can communicates over the network and is identified by a network address
segment part of a network
segment group of nodes that uses the same communication channel for all their traffic
backbone router or switch
backbone the part of a network to which segments and devices connect
backbone network of networks
protocol standard method of communication
packet a distinct unit of dataexchanged between nodes on the network
addressing the scheme for assigning a unique identifying number to every node on the network
transmission media wire, cable, radio waves
network services functions provided by a network
topology physical layout of the network
topology star,ring,bus,hybrid
most common topology star
network services email,printer sharing,file sharing,internet access,remote access capabilities,network management
file services servers ability to share data files
networks access service allows remote users to connect to the network
convergence using the same network to deliver multiple types of communication services
unified communications centralized management of multiple network based communications
mail services coordinate the storage and transfer of email between users on a network
most commonly used network service email
functions of mail servers intercept spam,route
functions of mail servers route messages according to protocols
functions of mail servers notify administrators or users of events,
functions of mail servers schedule email transmissions,retrieval,storage,maintenance
functions of mail servers provide a web based client for checking email
network management services traffic monitoring and control
network management services load balancing
network management services hardware diagnosis and failure alert
network management services asset management
network management services license tracking
network management services security auditing
network management services software distribution
network management services asset management
network management services backup and restorations of data
traffic the data transmission and processing activity taking place on a computer at any given time
asset management the process of collecting and storing data on the number and types of software and hardware assets in an organizations network
the most popular web server software apache
internet services supply web pages
internet services file transfer capabilities
internet services security filters
internet services means of directly logging on to other computers on the internet
load balancing the process of distributing data transfer activity evenly so that no device is overwhelmed
access services provide lan connectivity when wan connection is not cost effective
access services allow external users to use network resources and devices
how networks are used file and print services
how networks are used access services
how networks are used communication services
how networks are used internet services
how networks are used management services
asset management software inventory control
software distribution automatically transfer a file or installing an application from the server to a client on the network
file and print services provide the foundation for networking
communication services provided by networks email,telephone,video,fax,messaging and voice mail
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