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PHP Unit 3

Control structures

how long a variable is available in memory Scope
variable declared outside a function and available to all parts of your program Global variable
variable declared inside a function and available only in the function Local variable
keyword to declare a global variable Global
determining the order of statement execution Flow control
conditional code based upon the value of true or false from provided expression If
only performs action if criteria is true Single action if
performs different actions depending on if criteria is true or false Multiple action if
placing one control structure inside another Nesting
conditional code based upon the value of a variable Switch
variable that contains the value a switch uses to make a decision Case label
statements in a switch that execute if no values match the case label Default label
groups of statements executed as a single unit Functions
variable passed to a function Parameter
variable received by a function Argument
returns a value from the function to the calling statement outside the function Return statement
repeating code Loop
indefinite style loop that executes while the criteria is true While
each repetition in a loop Iteration
the variable used in the criteria for the loop Sentinel value
a variable used to count the number of times a loop executes Counter
variable used to total data each loop execution Accumulator
a loop that cannot end Infinite loop
a definite loop that repeats from a start value to an end value For
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