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Exam 1

Aritophanes wrote The Birds and Lysistrata
Marathon 26.2 Miles, Greek messenger tells of Persians defeat
Pre-Socratics before Socrates
Thales philosopher, thought everything was made of water
Pythagoras philosopher, number/physics
Heraclitus philosopher, thought universe was always chaning, river quote
Zeno Paradoxes
Socrates Philosopher
Plato apprentice to Socrates
Aristotle apprentice to Plato
Alexander the Great apprentice to Aristotle
Academy school started by Plato
Lyceum school started by Aristotle for science
Allegory of the Cave story with prisoners
Dialogues Socrates discussions
The Republic Allegory of the Cave
Doric Normal collums
Ionic rounded collums
Corinthian fancy collum
Volute top of an ionic column
Apollo God of intelligence, reason, and thinking
Dionysus God of tragedy, plays
Greek Drama performed for Gods, mostly tragedies
Aeschylus wrote the Orestia Trilogy
Sophocles most famous playwrite, wrote Oedipus Rex
Homer wrote Iliad and Odyssey
polis city
hubris selfish
theos patterns of the universe
logos words thought
kouros smile sculptor, earliest form
Athens capital of Greece, largest city
Acropolis mini city, build above for worship
Parthenon temple on the acropolis
Porch of the Maidens a row of columns that are females
caryatids sculpted female figure
Myron sculpted Discus
Polykleitus wrote Canon, the body book
Discus Thrower sculptor made by Myron
Canon book about the body made by Polykeitus
Pericles general of Athens, gave "Funeral Oration"
Athenia Values democracy, individualism, humanism, rationalism
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