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chapter 6

acclimitization you body getting used to the temperature
ad libitum anytime you wish
circadian dysrthmia disruption of your bodys internal clock
conductive heat exchange physical contact that causes a temperature change
convective heat exchange heat loss or gain from air flow
evaporative heat loss losing heat through the evaporation of sweat
hyperthermia elevation of the body temperature caused by the enviorment
jet lag mental stress caused by changes in time zones
metabolic heat production heat produced by body movement
radiant heat exchange absorption of heat through sunshine
SPF sun protective factor
WBGT Index wet bulb globe temperature- combonation of air temperature, humidity, and wind
chiblains redness caused by cold temperature
altitude sickness symptoms are headached nausea vomiting sleep disturbance, dyspenia and lung accumulates fluid
heat stroke cherry red face, hot dry skin, unconsiousness, rectal temp of 105+ degrees
heat exhustion pale clammy skin, weakness, naseua but they are concsious, get them in the shade, remove clothing, give cold fluids
Created by: jeffreydiven