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jamin's A+


What does ESD Stand for? Electrostatic discharge
What are the two types of damage that ESD can cause? Catastrophic failure and upset failure
A Catastrophic failure from ESD does what to a system? It destroys the components beyond use
A Upset failure from ESD does what to a system? It damages the component so that it doesn't perform well
How can you protect yourself from ESD? Always ground yourself before touching electronic components.
What are some static control devices? Grounding straps or antistatic straps Grounding mats Static shielding bags
What does CMOS stand for? Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
What are the benefits of a circuit board using the CMOS system? CMOS chips require less electricity and produce less heat.
What was an earlier technology for circuit board microchips? TTL or Transistor-transistor logic
What are other names for the Motherboard? The main board or the system board
What do the chipset's do? They control the flow of data and instructions to and from the processor, providing careful timing of activities.
The processor uses temporary storage or memory called? Primary storage
The processor uses permanent storage or memory called? Secondary storage
Primary storage is provided by devices called memory or? Ram or Random Access memory
RAM boards or memory modules come in three different types, what are they? DIMM or Dual inline memory module RIMM and older outdated type SIMM or Single inline memory module
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