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Le Pique-nique

Mme McAndrew story vocab.

toujours always
un repas meal
comprendre to undersatnd/to include
le chou cabbage
le cou-chou de la maîtresse teacher's pet
la trempette dip
emporter to bring
sous under
un arbre a tree
après-midi afternoon
parfait perfect
dit says
monter to climb/go up/get into
pouvoir to be able to/can
amener to take
la poussette stroller
vouloir to want
marcher to walk
le trottoir sidewalk/pavement
près de near
faire une promenade go for a walk/take a walk
courir to run
rire to laugh
tout à coup suddenly
échapper to escape/get away
commencer to begin/start
rouler to roll
vers towards
en même tamps at the same time
à ce moment-là at that moment
plonger to dive
prendre to take/to have food or drink
les bras arms
pleurer to cry
le soulagement relief
la faute fault
briller to shine
inoubliable unforgetable
pendant during/for + expression of time
plusieurs several
taquiner to tease
essayer to try
noyer to drown
quitter to leave
Created by: Mme McAndrew