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9th grade english

tangible capable of being touched or felt; having actual form and substance
quarry the object of a hunt; prey
disarming removing or overcoming suspicion; inspiring confidence
cultivated refined or cultured in manner
amenity something that adds to one's comfort or convenience
condone to forgive or overlook
droll amusingly odd or comical
scruple feeling of uneasiness that keeps a person from doing something
solicitously in a manner expressing care or concern
imperative absolutely necessary
zealous intensely enthusiastic
uncanny so remarkable as to seem supernatural
disclaimer a denial of responsibility or knowledge
inhospitable not welcoming; hostile
noncommittal not committal oneself; not revealing what one thinks
insubordinate disobedient to a superior
misnomer an inaccurate or incorrect name
instigate to stir up; provoke
vestibule a small entry way within a building
agile able to move quickly and easily
ransack to search or examine vigorously
falter to hesitate from lack of courage or confidence
prudence the use of good judgement and common sense
ravage serious damage
assertion a statement
coveted greedily desired or wished for covet
chronicle a record of events
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