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Stack Number One

Cahsee Vocab. & Word of the Day Vocab

cumulative formed by or resulting from the addition of continous parts or elements
simile A figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared using like, as, resembles, or than.
Critenon A standard of judgement.
vast of very great area or extent; huge
Prompt something serving to suggest what somebody should say or do.
perceive to become aware of
escalate to increase in intensity
compensate to give a reward or payment for something, usually damages.
mediocre of only ordinary or adequate quality
Illustrate to make clear or understandable, as by examples
Colleague a person with whom you work
Maximize to increase to the biggest amount or point
Oppressed being weighed down with cruel or unjust obligations or restrictions
Illiterate unable to read or write
Pertinent relating to the subject at hand;relevant
Rehabilitation to recover
Dismantle to take apart
Cower to duck,as in fear or pain
Jeopardize to put in danger
Created by: Nancee