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Client Factors Suzan

OTA Client Factors Daytona State College September 20, 2012

When a nurse asks a patient, do you know who you are, this is an example of what? Global mental function i.e., consciousness
if a person does not who they are, they lack? 0x1 alertness or orientation
if a person does not know specifically where they are, they lack what? 0x2 orientation, such as in a nursing home or rehab center.
if a patient does not know what time of day it is or what year it is, they lack what? 0x3 orientation to time
If a patient is outside at night and become disoriented and does not know where they are, this is an example of? 0x4 situation
If a patient attends a funeral and wears inappropriate clothing, this is an example of? 0x4 situational orientation
When observing a patient's emotional stability, this is an example of? Global function of temperament and personality.
if a patient appears to lack motivation, this is an example of what? Global mental functions of energy and drive.
if a person lacks good judgement, this may be considered at lack of what? higher-level cognitive skills pertaining to mental function.
If you are aware of what you are spending your time thinking about you have a what? Higher level cognitive mental function
The capacity of understand hidden truths is a specific mental function of what? Insight and higher-level cognitive thinking
If a patient is not able to sustain their attention long enough to play a board game this is called what? lacking sustained attention.
if a person is distracted during an activity they lack? The mental function of attention.
If an older patient is always talking about occurrences that happened fifty years ago, they mental function is considered? long term memory.
if you can only remember what you had for lunch and breakfast and not long a long time ago, your mental functioning is? Short term memory.
A child playing with silly puddy with their fingers would be considered a mental function of what? Perceptual or perception of tactile function.
If you cover your eyes, hold out your arm and know where it is located , this is an example of what? Proprioception and perception.
If you are looking at a cup of tea and know that it is hot, you are using what skills? proprioception and visual association.
There are at least 6 examples of thought mental functioning, do you know what they are? Recognition, categorization, generalization, awareness of reality, logical/coherent thought, appropriate thought content.
Children learning how to do math are being taught the thought process of what? mental functioning of logical and coherent thoughts.
The brain functions sequentially, this is also referred as what? categorizations.
When you visual the body movements of getting up in the morning, this is an example of what? mental functioning of sequencing complex movement.
If you are yawning during this tutorial and recognize this you are performing what? The mental function of emotional regulation. A
A person suffering from low self esteem may be lacking in what mental function? The mental function of self esteem and the experience of self.
I am not seeing too well with my new glasses, I may be lacking what function? Sensory function of visual acuity.
A person suffering from vertigo may be suffering from what sensory function? Vestibular function of balance.
When you are typing and know your hands are on the key board, this is an example of what? Sensory function of proprioception.
If a patient is not sure if they can stand long enough to be transferred this is an example of what movement related function? Muscle endurance
High blood pressure is an example of what body or system function? Cardiovascular
Your pulse rate is an example of what system function? Cardiovascular.
A person suffering from lupus may have a disorder classified under what function? Immunological system functioning.
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