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CT Intro Lesson 4

CT Intro Lesson 4 Review

In the computer world, this refers to anything you can touch Hardware
Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer are all examples of what Hardware
A set of instructions issued to the computer so that specific tasks may be performed is known as software
a set of clearly defined, logical steps to solve a problem. algorithm
Two basic types of software are applications and systems
application software is also known as what type of software? productivity
Three categories of systems software are: operating systems, Language translators and utilities
systems software refers to the computer's Operating system
Operating systems provide this between the user and the computer hardware. interface
An error in programming code is called a bug
What type of programs are designed to help perform housekeeping chores for the computer? Utility Programs
Programs written in programming language must be translated before computers can use them because computers only understand Machine Language
GUI Stands for Graphical User Interface
A GUI Permits a user to manipulate onscreen Graphics
What allows a single user to work on two programs at one time? multitasking
What type of operating system allows a group of computers to be connected Network
An example of a network operating system is Novell
When you first turn on your computer, the operating system loads into memory
When you turn on your computer, you do this to the system boot
When you start your computer, the first action the computer performs is POST
Created by: ashoup