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expansion cards A circuit board inserted into a slot on the motherboard to enhance the capability of the computer.
expansion slots A narrow slot on the motherboard where an expansion card can be inserted. Expansion slots connect to a bus on the motherboard.
firmware Software that is permanently stored in a chip. The BIOS on a motherboard is an example of firmware.
flash ROM ROM that can be reprogrammed or changed without replacing chips.
floppy disk drive (FDD) A drive that can hold either a 5 inch or 3 inch floppy disk. Also called floppy drive.
floppy drive See floppy disk drive (FDD).
front side bus (FSB) See system bus.
gigahertz (GHz) One thousand MHz, or one billion cycles per second.
graphics card See video card.
hard copy Output from a printer to paper.
hard disk drive (HDD) See hard drive.
hard drive The main secondary storage device of a PC. Two technologies are currently used by hard drives: magnetic and solid state. Also called a hard disk drive (HDD).
hardware The physical components that constitute the computer system, such as the monitor, the keyboard, the motherboard, and the printer.
hertz (Hz) Unit of measurement for frequency, calculated in terms of vibrations, or cycles per second. For example, for 16–bit stereo sound, a frequency of 44,000Hz is used. See also megahertz.
host bus See memory bus or system bus.
keyboard A common input device through which data and instructions may be typed into computer memory.
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