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CE.5 Vocab

Conservative less government involvement
political party association of voters with common interests
third parties party that challenges 2 major parties
platform a political party's principles, beliefs, positions on election issues
monitoring informing of duty;looking after something
nominate select someone for appointment oe election to public office
electorate all offically qualified voters in country, city, or area
liberal more government involvement
candidate person who runs for election to a political office
recruit to enroll someone as a worker or member
congressional representation the right to be represented in a legislature
popular vote the actual numbers of voters for a presidential candidate
electeral college a body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the President and vice President of the U.S.
elector appointed to vote in presidential elections for the major candidates
winner take all the candidate who wins the popular vote in a stste gets all of the states electoral votes
two-party system 2 parties compete for power
slate candidates in the election was published in the newspaper
precinct number of voters in the geogrphic district that includes Campbell County
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