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Week 2 vocab

Browsing the process of performing a serch of online categories in order to find a website or web page
Citation A qoute from a larger work
Credibility Whether or not a source provides reliable, accurate information, checked and verified by experts
Domain name The words or numbers that identify a website (also known as IP addresses)
e-commerce The buying and selling of goods online
Home page The first page in a group of pages on a website that describes the site's purpose and provides the navigational structure for moving through the website
Internet Service Provider (ISP) A company that sells Internet connectivity to individuals
Keyword A term or group of terms used to find information on the web
Malware Computer software that works as an independent program that infects a computer's files and programs after being downloaded from what looks like a trusted source
Netiquette Informal rules of behavior for communicating on the web
New media Content not traditionally delivered in digital form that is now found online (music, movies, newspapers, or books)
Phishing The practice of using spam e-mail to elicit a response and obtain a computer user's private information
Rootkit A computer virus that attacks a computer's internal storage system
Search engine an automated database that delivers a list of links as a response to a specific keyword request from the user
Social engineering The usually criminal practice of manipulating a person into providing sensitive information online
Social networks An online community
Trojan horse A computer virus disguised as a normal program that infects a computer after being downloaded from an e-mail, pop-up ad, or downloaded software
World Wide Web A collection of Internet sites that provide text, grapics, sound, video, and other digital content
Created by: RKS1102