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Week 1 vocab

Activation Key A combination of letters and numbers a user must enter before using software
Adapter Card A card that adds additional functions to a computer by plugging into the mother board
Application software computer programs are designed to help users complete their tasks on their computers or smartphones
Byte The basic measurement unit of comptuer storage and memory, equivalent to one character of text
Download The transfer of a file from the Internet to your computer
GUI A way to manipulate a computer system by interacting with graphics instead of by typing in commands
Hard disk drive Permanent storage on a computer
Hardware Physical parts of a computer
Input device A device that provides information for the computer to process
Memory card A data storage device used in digital cameras and smartphones
Motherboard The large circuit board of a computer where peripherals attach
Network A group of connected computers
Operating system The system software provided to a computer user by the computer manufacturer
Presentation aplication A computer program that allows users to create a show to display for an audience with the ability to include media
Processor The computing center of a computer where all information is processed
RAM Temporary storage on a computer
Server The host computer that delivers web pages and other applications to your browser
Software A program that is not a physcial device that directs the computer to perform certain tasks
Software upgrade A change in an application or new feature added to a software program that a developer releases for users to add
Spreadsheet application computer program that allows a user to create worksheets with data in rows and columns to sort and manipulate as needed
Storage device A device that keeps a computer's information until the user decides to delete the information
Utility program Computer software that maintains the system for maximum performance
Word processing A computer program that allows a user to create documents with text
Created by: RKS1102