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NP Word Unit 6

Mail merge and Word Unit 6 questions New Perspectives

This is a file organized into fields and records data source
Dotted line that extends from the last letter of text on the left margin to the beginning of text aligned at a tab stop dot leader
Appears at the top of each printed page header
White space around the edges of a page margins
Placeholders in a main document that mark where variable information will be inserted merge fields
Document that contains standard text and placeholders that mark where variable information will be inserted in a mail merge main
All of the information about ONE individual or object in a data source record
Creating a data source involves deciding which of these to include in the data source and entering address information fields
Merge fields are enclosed by pairs of angled brackets called chevrons
Each ROW below the header row consists of one complete record
Identing an item in a numbered list is known as doing this to the item demoting
A to Z order is called ascending
High to low order is called descending
Moving an item in a bulleted or numbered list back to the left (from a number back to a letter, for example) is known as doing this to the item promoting
Once the main document contains all the merge fields, it is merged with the data source
The little button in a data source screen with an arrow pointing left at a straight line is called the _______ record button first
To display only the records containing a particular value in a particular field, you do this to the data source filter
To merge to the screen so you can see a finished mail merge, click this option Edit individual documents
To perform a more complicated sort, you can click this command in the Mail Merge recipients dialog box sort
To sort a list in ascending chronological order means to place the records in order from earliest to latest
When you do this to the main document with the data source, you produce a new document merge
A common separator character is comma
A common label type supposed by Word is this brand Avery
Field names cannot have spaces and will be renamed using this in between words underscore
Mail merge is used to create these types of letters, which is the same type of letter customized for different people form
This type of mail merge creates each item in the merge on a new line on the same page, like a phone book directory
To create a set of nametags using a data source, what type of main document do you create? labels
To choose records from only one state for a mail merge, do this to the data filter
A list where the first level items are numbered and second level are preceded by lower case letters is called this type of list multilevel
Created by: skindawg