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Art History

The way of salvation Andrea Di Fire, Santa Maria Novella Fresco, 1365-67 Santa Maria Novella
Two Major Responses to the Plague Intensified religious fervor, A celebration of life
Ospedale Santa Maria Della Scale Oldest running Hospital and care for cast off children Sienna
Histories of the Virgin martini and pietro 1335 Sienna
Care of the Sick Barolo, Fresco 1441-42 Sienna
The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry 1413-1416
Mary at her Devotions Master of Mary of Burgundy Color and ink on parchment 1480
The Merode Triptych Robert Champin Oil on oak 1425 Belgium
What are the symbols of the Merode Tripych snuffed candle White cloth White Lillies mary on the ground
Ghent Alterpiece Comisioned by Vijdt oil and panel 1432 Belgium
Arnolfini Double Portrait Jon Van Eyck oil on panel 1434 Netherlands
The decent from the cross Rogier Weyden oil on panel 1435
St. Luke drawing the virgin Rogier oil and tempra on panel 1435 Brussels
Garden of early Delights Bosch Oil on panel 1450-1516 Northern Netherlands
Melun Dipytch Fonquet oil on panel 1450 French
Panel 1 Melun Dipytch Etiennechevalier (treasuer)and st steven
Panel 2 Melun Dipytch Maddona and child Agnes Sorel
Well of Moses International Gothic Limestone 1395-1406 France
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