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aplus chapter22


default printer the printer windows prints to unless another printer is selected
duplex printing printing on both sides of the paper
dye sublimination printer printer with photo lab quality results that uses transparent dyed is heated which causes the dye to vaporize onto glossy paper
extension magnet brush a long handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity to pick up stray toner inside a printer
GDI graphics device interface
graphics device interface a core windows component responsible for building graphics data to display or print
inkjet printers ink dispersion printer that uses cartridges of is heated to a boiling point and then ejected onto thr paper thru tiny nozzles
laser printers printer that uses a laser beam to control how toner is placed on the page and then uses heat to fuse the toner on the page
local printer printer connected to a computer by way of a port on the computer
network printer a printer that anyone on the network can access
PCL printer control language
printer control language developed by hewlett packard that tells a printer how to print a page
postscript developed by adobe systems that tells a printer how to print a page
power cycle turn a device on and off
print spool a que for print jobs
printer maintenance kits a kit that contains the parts, tools and instructions needed to perform routine maintenance
raw data data sent to a printer without any formatting or processing
REt resolution enhancement technology
resolution enhancement technology term from hewlett packard that describes the way a laser printer varies the size of the dots used to create an image
solid ink printers printers that use sticks or blocks of solid ink
spooling placing print jobs in a print que so that an application can be released from the printing process before printing is completed
thermal printers a line printer that
xps documemt writer
xps xml paper specification
xml paper specification
six steps of laser printing cleaning
six steps of laser printing conditioning
six steps of laser printing writing
six steps of laser printing developing
six steps of laser printing transferring
six steps of laser printing fusing
categories of printers laser
categories of printers inkjet
categories of printers solid ink
categories of printers dye sublimination
categories of printers thermal
categories of printers impact
laser printer electrophotographic printer
laser printers uses mechanical electrical and optical technologies
impact printers dot matrix printers
printer characteristics warm up time
printer characteristics resolution
printer characteristics maximum duty cycle
printer characteristics printing speed
printer characteristics technology for formatting a page
warm up time time to print first page
resolution measured in dots per inch
maximum duty cycle monthly quota set by warranty
printing speed measured in pages per minute
network printer ethernet port that connects directly to network
local printer connects directly to a pc
ways to install a printer local printer network printer print server
laser printers work by placing toner on an electrically charged rotating drum
laser printers work by and then depositing the toner on paper as the paper moves thru the system at the same speed the drum is turning
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