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Casey's Media Vocab.

What is live or a recorded sound? Audio
The representation of informationas individual picies of data using numbers 1 and 0, rather than as a continuous stream is........? Digital
A digital disk is.......? DVD
What is electronical mail? Email
What is a common protocol used for uploading and downloading files over the Internet; often used for transmitting large files? File Transfer Protocal (FTP)
A drawing,chart,diagram,painting,or photograph is.......? Graphic
The main Web site, usually the first one a visitor sees is.....? Homepage
What is text that is linked to another location in the same page or on a different page so that the user can click on the text to jump to that page? Hypertext
What is a set of codes that are applied to blocks of text to define their apperance or purpose when published in print or online? Markup Language (HTML)
An element in an online document, such as a word or icon, that is linked to another location in the same document , so that clicking on it takes users to the other location is......... Hyperlink
A small picture ona an picture system desktop that represents an applicaton , folder, or file is.....? Icon
Information that is entered is entered into the computer for transmission or processing is...? Input
What is a message sent in real time between individuals online? Instant Message
A network of computers all over the world that are connected to each other is....? Internet
What is a booth that provides a computer service,such as Internet access or tourist information, in a public place? Kiosk
What is the space between lines of text? Leading
A drawing, icon, or initials for a company that represents the company is...? Logo
A collection of materials, such as graphics, that someone has created is...? Portfolio
What is a list of choices or commands in a computer application? Menu
What stands for "what you see is what you get'; a type of display that shows the result of the users input? WISSYWIG
What is a type of computer-based instruction that teaches skills or procedurs...? Tutorial
Live or recorded moving images is...? Video
What is a computer that manages files and other resources for a network...? Server
A reusable patternfor creating stantard documents is...? Template
What is a platic or metal stick used for tapping or drawing on a touch-sensitive screen to create input..? Stylus
Created by: caseyc_2017