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French -Paper 1

Higher French, Paper 1 Essay Checklist

tout/toute/tous/toutes all/every
tout le monde everyone
avant tout above all
tout de suite immediately/at once
ca/cela that
au debut at the beginning
sans without
avec with
il serait it would be
ce serait this would be
deja already
autrefois formerly/previously
toujours always/still
jusque until/up to/as far as
jus qu'ici until now
voila there it is/there you are
si if/so/yes
si vous voulez if you want
il semble it seems/there seems
entre between
comme like/as
j'etais i was
le lendemain the next day
la veille the day before
sur on
presque almost/nearly
selon according to
parmi among
pas mal de a lot
il faut you must/you have to
il faut avouer you must admit
prevoir expect
au bout de at the end of
en ete/l'ete in summer
ete been
assez quite/enough
bien well/good
peut-etre perhaps
surtout especially
de nos jours nowadays
on peut you can
on ne peut pas you can't
ainsi and so/thus
depuis since/for
il existe there exists
il s'agit de it's a question of/it is about
y there
on y va let's go there
autre other
les autres other people
maintenant now
chaque each/every
chacun/chacune each one/each person
c'etait it was
autour de around
n'importe any
n'importe quoi anything
n'importe quand anytime
n'importe ou anywhere
n'importe quelle heure anytime
n'importe qui anyone
il sera it will be
en of it/about it
tu en veux? do you want some?
en in/into/as
en hiver in winter
en premiere fifth year
en effect in fact
en fait in fact
en..ant while..ing
en faisant while doing
veut want
lui him
elle lui a promis she promised him
lui-meme himself
elle-meme herself
a l'etranger abroad
du mal a difficulty
j'ai du mal a i have difficulty
ce qui what
ce que what
qui who/that/which
que that/which
pour for/in order to
j'avais i had
seulement/ne...que only
il y avait there was/there were
ce/cette/cet/ces this/it
alors well/then
encore still/again
pas encore not yet
Created by: marbledpanda