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per se in and of iself
annihilate completely destroy
obselete out dated
inflict inpose, force
abound to grow
masochist a person who loves pain
chagrin disappointment
pseudo fake
condescend to act like your're better than another
in uter in your mom's uterus
eschew reject
hyperbole exaggeration
ponder think deeply
evoke to bring to mind
peruse read thoroughly
penury poverty
obscure not well known, unclear, vague
dispel to drive away, to dismiss
diapason a full, rich outpouring of melodious sound
melodious tuneful
verbatim word for word
exonerate free from guilt or blame
vindictive vengeful
prestigious having a high repuation
encounter to come upon or meet with
advocate to speak or write in favor of
memoir autobiography
connocation feelings or ideas related to a word
maverick a person who does his own thing
distinction a difference
vigilant on gaurd, extra alert
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