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La History Ch 1 Voc

Cultural Diffusion the spreading of one's own culture
culture a group's way of life and its own view of itself and other groups; elements include religion, music, food, clothing, language, architecture, art, literature, games and sports.
jazz a kind of improvised music with strong rhythems and syncopation (accents in unexpected places); New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz.
blues a music style based on black folk music, especially on the changes of the plantation workers.
fais-do-do a Cajun dance; French for "go to sleep"
zydeco The music of French Speaking African Americans of S. LA; the song is sung in French and musical accompaniment includes an accordian and rub board.
Gospel Music church music that blends elements of folk music, spirituals, hymns and popular music.
Spirituals the sacred folk songs of African Americans
gumbo a traditional LA dish; a hearty creole soup made of seafood, chicken, okra and other vegetables.
jambalaya a basic Spanish Cajun dish made with rice and some other ingredient such as ham, shrimp, sausage or chicken.
Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday" the day before Ash Wednesday; the period before Lent celebrated with parties, balls, street dances and parades.
region an area defined by similar features, which usually include common climate, landforms, and economic or recreational opportunities.
upland South the hill country of N. La plus the neighboring states of Miss, Alab and Georgia.
urban of or like the city
rural country
ethnic group a group of people who share common traditions, beliefs, and patterns of living that include language, religion, customs and food.
Free People of Color thos of African heritage who were free during the years of slavery; gens de couleur libre
lowland South the Louisiana culture that developed along the Mississippi, Red and Ouachita Rivers where plantations were established.
Acadians French Canadians or descendants of French Canadians who migrated to Louisiana from Acadia (now Nova Scotia) in the eighteenth century.
Anglos those with an English Speaking heritage
Creoles thos African French peoplewho were born in the LA colony instead of in Europe or Africa
Islenos Canary Islanders or those descendants from Canary Islanders who were brought to LA when it was a Spanish colony.
Sportsman's Paradise North La, includes Shreveport Bossier and Monroe.
Crossroads Region Center of La; merges the cultures of N and S LA. Urban Center - Alexandria-Pineville.
Cajun Country triangle on SW La; can be divided into prairie cajun and Wetlands Cajun. Urban centers - Houma, Lafayette, Morgan City and Thibodaux.
Plantation Country has planation homes, liveoak trees and spanish moss. Urban Center - Baton Rouge
Greater New Orleans Region city of New Orleans; " cosmopolitan area;
West Florida region "toe of the boot" once part of the colony of West FLorida
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