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Tuck:Pro.-Ch.6 (SMS)

curiuosly arousing interest because of novelty or strangeness
relieving easing pain, anxiety or burden
patience the ability to tolerate without complaining
tangent a sudden change in a line of action
melancholy sad and depressed
bovine slow and dull; relating to an ox or cow
rueful sorrowful or regretful
grimace to make distoreted faces to express pain or disgust
jaunty showing confidence; perky and sprightly
accessible easily approached, entered or obtained
self-deprecation feeling disabproval or belittling of oneself
galling annoying and irritating
consolingly in a way to make one feel less sad or disappointed
irrelevantly in a way without showing real importance
burly big and strong; muscular and rough in manner
perversely in a disobedient or stubborn way
Created by: SimardRR