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Unit 1.03

Foreign debt The amount of money one owes another country
Balance of Trade Diffrence between a counties total imports and exports
Balance of Payments Difference between the amount of money that comes into a country and the amount that leaves the country
Foreign Exchange Market Banks buy and sell different currencies
Exchange Rate Comparing the value of currency between different countries
Embargoes When a government bands the imports, exports, and services of certain countries
Quotas A limit on the quantity of goods that can be imported or exported
Tariffs Taxes on certain imported items that increase prices
Common markets Countries that are members freely invest in one another
Free-Trade Agreements When countries that are members remove duties and trade barriers on products traded among them to increase trade between members
Free-Trade Zones Selected areas that allow duty free products to be imported and then stored, assembled and or used to manufacture
Franchising Allowing businesses the right to use another companies name or process in a specific way
Licensing Selling the rights to a company to use some intangible propriety, for a fee or loyalty.
Joint Venture Two or more companies agree to share a business project.
International Monetary Fund Helps promote economic corporation and maintain an orderly system of world trade and exchange rates
World Bank Provides economic aid to developing countries to fund building communication systems, transportation networks, and energy points
World Trade Orginization Settles trade disputes and enforces free trade agreements among its members
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