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Ch. 8 Review

U.S. in WWI

The four causes of WWI were: (1) militarism; (2) nationalism; (imperialism; (4) formation of alliances
The event that triggered World War I was the assassination of _________________ ____________________ that occurred on ____________________. Archduke Ferdinand; June 28, 1914
Who belonged to the Triple Entente? France, Britain, Russia
Who belonged to the Central Powers? The Ottoman Empire, Germany, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary
Which country switched sides during the war? Italy
Who were the Allies? members of the Triple Entente, Italy, Japan, the United States and the 20 other nations who fought against the Central Powers in WWI
Great Britain got involved in the war when Germany invaded _______________ to get France. Belgium
Where was the Western Front located? France
Where was the Eastern Front located? Russia
Trench warfare occurred along what battle front? Western Front
What were U-boats? German underseas ships that attacked Allied shipping
What was the name of Germany’s plan to win the war? Schlieffen Plan
What was the name of the British liner sunk by a German U-boat? Lusitania
Who was president of the U.S. during the war? Woodrow Wilson
Who commanded the American Expeditionary Force? John J. Pershing
Who was America’s leading ace pilot in the war? Eddie Rickenbacker
What famous American soldier, armed with only a rifle and a revolver, killed 25 Germans and, with the help of 6 other soldiers, captured 132 prisoners? Alvin York
The Zimmerman note suggested an alliance between what two nations? Mexico and Germany
What was the Great Migration ? the movement of thousands of African Americans from the South to the North
What was the exact month, day, and time the fighting ended in WWI? Nov. 11, 1918 at 11 AM
What were the beginning and ending years of WWI? 1914-1918
Name the Big Four and the countries they represented: _ (1) Woodrow Wilson-United States (2) Georges Clemenceau-France (3) David Lloyd George-Great Britain (4) Vittorio Orlando-Italy
Woodrow Wilson’s “__________________________” speech described his plan for peace . Fourteen Points
Why did the U.S. Senate oppose U.S. membership in the League of Nations? thought it would drag the U.S. into future European conflicts
Who was the leader in the Senate that blocked the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles? Henry Cabot Lodge
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