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SS Chapter 5

SS Chapter 5 Vocabulary

glaciers huge sheets of ice that slowly move across the land
Appalachian Trail the longest marked footpath in the world. It covers more than 2,000 miles.
equator the first line or starting line for measuring lines of latitude
evergreen trees that have leaves that do not change color in the fall. Their leaves are long and thin.
exports resources sold to another country
whale oil was burned as fuel to light people's homes
Appalachian Mountains were formed when Earth's thick crust shifted and buckled
fall line the line where the hard rock of the mountains meets the softer rock of the plain
latitude measures how far north or south a place is from the equator
prime meridian the first line or starting place for measuring lines of longitude
bay part of an ocean that cuts deeply into the land
landlocked a country that is surrounded on all sides by land
aquaculture the business of raising fish in watery "farms"
waterfalls formed at the fall line because water wears away soft rock faster than hard rock
longitude measures how far east or west a place is from the prime meridian
broadleaf trees that drop their leaves in the winter. Their leaves are mostly wide.
imports resources brought in from another country
timberline the point at which it is too cold for trees to grow
Jura Mountains and Alps 2 mountain ranges in Switzerland
Recreation, hydroelectric power, growing natural resources major uses of the Appalachian Mountains
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