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Asia Quiz 2

Why are the Himalayas important? They are the highest mountain range in the world and have the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest.
Where are the Himalayas located? They are located on the Northern border of India.
How do the Himalayas impact India? They block the cold, northern air from reaching India, making it hot all the time there.
Where is the Ring of Fire located? It is located around the Pacific Ocean.
Why is the Ring of Fire important? This area experiences a lot of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.
What are monsoons? They are seasonal winds that blow for months in South Asia.
What is overpopulation/high population density? This is when there are a lot of people living in area.
How does overpopulation/high population density impact the area? This can lead to crowded cities, pollution, homelessness, spreading of diseases, not having enough food, water, or jobs, and a sinking island
Why was there a Green Revolution? There had been many famines and millions of people had died from starvation.
How did India accomplish the Green Revolution? They used improved seeds that would produce more food. They built dams and irrigation systems that allowed them to store water during the rainy season and use it to water crops during the dry season.
What is the caste system based on? It is a class system based on a person's ancestry.
What is the Kashmir conflict? It is a conflict between India and Pakistan, fighting over control of Kashmir which is located on the border between these two countries. They both want the land and the water there. The two countries also have religious differences.
What European country once controlled India? Great Britain
How did Gandhi fight against the British? He used nonviolent resistance.
Who was Mohandas Gandhi? He was the leader of the Indian independence movement.
What specific things did Gandhi do to fight for independence? He used boycotts, civil disobedience, hunger strikes, and the Salt March.
What two modern day countries used to be a part of India? Pakistan and Bangladesh
What do Buddhists and Hindus have in common? They both believe in reincarnation.
The Yangtze River is located in which country? China
Typhoons and cyclones are like _________________ in the US Hurricanes
The Ganges River is located in which country? India
Created by: carolyn_thomason