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Chap 2 Test Review

Why cities are often warmer than countryside cities have more metal, asphalt, and concrete surfaces
# of layers inside the earth 3
% of earth covered in water 71%
# of continents on Earth 7
regular movement of water water cycle
how has the total amount of water on Earth changed since it was formed? Earth has the same amount of water it did when it was formed
describes how far above seas level a landform or location is elevation
cause of earthquakes and volcanoes plate movement
center of the earth made up of liquid metal core
coastal area where ocean waters are partially surrounded by land bay
day and night in both hemispheres are of equal length equinox
earth's oceans smallest to largest Arctic, Southern, Indian, Atlantic, Pacific
increase in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere Global Warming
two continents completely surrounded by water Australia and Antarctica
% of Earth's water that is saltwater 97%
effects of deforestation landslides and erosion
processes that work together to change Earth's surface weathering and erosion
how long does it take for tectonic plates to create landforms? millions of years
force that has caused the fastest change in Earth's environment human action
the process by which Earth's surface is worn away by natural forces weathering
what causes the seasons to change on Earth Earth's tilt as it revolves around the sun
why do we have daylight and darkness? earth rotates once every 24 hours
order of Earth's layers from surface to center crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
Earth's completion of one full trip around the sun revolution
Created by: challison