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Vocab List #8


Outback Australia's dry interior
natural resources things that come from Earth or nature that are useful to humans
Aborigines native people of Australia
nomadic moving from place to place in search of food
Captain James Cook Captain of Great Britain who in 1770 charted the eastern Australian coast in his ship Endeavor. He claimed the east coast of Australia for King George of Great Britain.
indigenous native to a region
Stolen Generations Australian government programs from 1910 into the 1970s that removed Aboriginal children from their families and sent them to white families and church-run institutions for cultural reprogramming.
Specialization when a country focuses on producing the goods and services they can make best and trading for what they are unable to produce.
Entrepreneurship the ability to organize, manage, and take on the risks of a business or enterprise.
Arable suitable for farming
Drought long period of extremely dry weather
Climate the average annual weather conditions in a given location
Literacy Rate the percentage of a population's’ adults that can read and write
Standard of living level of comfort enjoyed by a person or society
Created by: McClure 6 SS