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British Columbia

What city is called "Canada's Gateway to the Pacific?" Winnipeg
What is the capital of British Columbia? victoria
what territory first became famous because of the Klondike Gold Rush Yukon Territory
What is Canada's highest peak? Mt. Logan
What are the main sources of income for the territories? 1.Mining, hunting, fishing, and trapping
What is the only public highway above the Arctic Circle that is open year round? Dempster Highway
What is the capital of Manitoba and Canada's leading grain market? Winnipeg
What is Winnipeg's nickname? Gate Way to the West
What city is the "Polar Bear Capital of the World?" Churchill, Manitoba
Who were two pioneer missionaries to this area of Canada? James Evans James Robertson
What is the capital of Saskatchewan? Regina
What is the capital of Alberta? Edmonton
What is the smallest, but most densely populated province? Prince Edward Island
What body of water is famous for having some of the highest tides in the world? Bay of Fundy
What is the capital of Prince Edward Island? Charlottetown
What is the capital of Newfoundland? St. John's
What is the capital of New Brunswick? Fredericton
What is the capital of Nova Scotia? Halifax
What is the only walled city in Canada or United States? Quebec City
What city is Canada's second largest city and one of the world's largest inland ports? Montreal
What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
What is the capital of Ontario and Canada's largest city? Toronto
What is the capital of Quebec? Quebec City
What Viking discovered the North American continent? Leif Ericson
Who was the first modern explorer to discover the New World? Christopher Columbus
Who was the first modern explorer to reach to mainland of North America? John Cabot
What was the sea route many Europeans thought went all the way through North America? Northwest Passage
Who claimed Canada for France and opened the way for fur trade between the French and the Indians? Jacques Cartien
Who had a big part in establishment the city of Quebec? Samuel de Champlain
What was the first important French settlement in the New World? Quebec
What is Canada's oldest business? Hudson Bay Company
The conflicts between France and England over land rights led to what war? French and Indian War
What was the result of the Quebec Act of 1774? French settlers got rights to their own language, religion, and civil law.
Who explored and mapped the Pacific coast of Canada? Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver
What year was the Dominion of Canada formed? 1867
In what year, was Canada made a self governing member of the British Commonwealth? 1931
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