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Unit 5 Review

How is power distributed in a unitary government? Central Government has all the power
What type of government divides and shares power between the central government and smaller governments such as states? Federation/Federal
Which form of government puts the power of the government into the hands of a single person? Autocracy
The citizens of Brazil elect a president and the members of the legislature. This is an example of a(n) Presidential Democracy
In Cuba, the citizens do not elect the leader; the leader has unlimited power. This is a(n) autocracy
Can you label the Atacama Desert? yes or no
Can you label the Amazon River? yes or no
Can you label the Sierra Madre Mountains ? yes or no
Can you locate Brazil? yes or no
Can you locate Venezuela? yes or no
Can you locate Cuba? yes or no
How does Brazil's location help it trade with other countries? There are 7 major ports along the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil shares a border with nearly every other South American Country.
What country shares a border with the United States? Mexico
What is literacy rate? the amount of people in an area who can read and write
What does the legislature do? makes law
In Mexico and Brazil, the citizens elect the president and members of the legislature. This is a/an Presidential Democracy
What mountains are located in Mexico? Sierra Madre
How is power distributed in a federation? The central/national government shares power with the regional/local governments.
What country does the Amazon River run through? Brazil
What is standard of living? How well a person, family, or country lives (economic standing)
What are the two major languages spoken in Latin America? Spanish and Portuguese
What is the purpose of the Panama Canal? It serves as a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for trade purposes
What is a constitution? a written set of laws
If a country has a high literacy rate, their standard of living is usually ____________. high
Venezuela is located near the equator. How does this affect the climate? It creates a tropical climate.
How can people participate in their government? voting, ruling, workin
Who elects the leader in a parliamentary democracy? The legislature (parliament)
What can cause the literacy rate of a country to be low? Lack of access to good schools, Lack of access to education for girls, Uneducated parents
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