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Turn of the Century

5th Grade Turn of the Century

The movement of cattle to rail heads then on to markets in the northern plains (Nebraska) Great Western Cattle Trail
The pair are credited with the first successful human flight. The Wright Brothers
The 25th President of the United States who led during the Spanish-American War and was assassinated in 1901 William McKinley
Discovered 300 uses for peanuts and hundreds more for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes. George Washington Carver
A conflict in 1898 over Cuban independence Spanish-American War
Left sharecropping in the south and headed west to drive the cattle drives. Black Cowboys of Texas
An American inventor who invented many devices such as the light bulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. Thomas Edison
Credited with inventing the first practical telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Led the Rough Riders in the Spanish American War, was the 26th President of the US and was important in the construction of the Panama Canal. Theodore Roosevelt
A key trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans built between 1904 and 1914. Panama Canal
One invention that made it possible for factories to stay open at night. Light Bulb
A US ship docked in Cuba that exploded thereby bringing America into the Spanish American War USS Maine
The first cattle trail that drove cattle to the rail heads in Kansas Chisholm Trail
These territories were won by American according to the Treaty of Paris Guam, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines
A reason to ship cattle from Texas to cities east. Price Incentive
What happened to President McKinley after the Spanish American war? Assassinated
Who was the Colonal (pronounced kernal) for America that lost the Battle of Little Big Horn in Montana? Custer
This period in time after Reconstruction is known as the ________________ Revolution because of the shift of goods being made in factories. Industrial
The location of the first successful flight. Kitty Hawk, NC
What country wanted independence from Spain which led to the US getting involved in a war with Spain? Cuba
When someone moves from one country to another country we call them ______________________ Immigrants
Scarcity is an economic term which means in short supply. What was in short supply in big cities during the Turn of the Century which led to many new jobs for former sharecroppers? Cattle
Was a Science teacher at the Tuskegee Institute George Washington Carver
Which territory gained after Spanish American War that we no longer have control of? Phillipines
Who was "responsible" for the explosion on the USS Maine? Spain
The teddy bear is named after which president? Theodore Roosevelt
Homestead Act gave land to heads of households or widows. What did they have to agree to do? Build a house and farm.
When a company focuses on one thing and does it well. For example, Pittsburgh specialized in steel production in the early 1900's. Specialization
The way that a person or government feels about relationships with other countries. President McKinley became the first president to get involved in a foreign war. He wanted the US to be more involved in things overseas. Foreign Policy
Involves farming and farming techniques. George Washington Carver made a big impact on agriculture in the south after Reconstruction. He invented new products so that peanuts, sweet potatoes and other crops could be more valuable. Agriculture
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