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Spanish American War

Vocabulary 4

Panama Canal isthmus of land in Central America that was a prime spot to cut down travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. U.S. tried to buy this real estate from Colombia but negotiations broke down. Bunau-Varilla, a French businessman helped organize a rebelli
Roosevelt Corollary addendum to the Monroe Doctrine issued after the Dominican Republic got into financial trouble with several European nations; the U.S. assumed the right to intervene in Latin American countries to promote "civilized" behavior & protect American interests.
dollar diplomacy President Taft's policy that encouraged American business & financial interests to invest in Latin American countries to achieve U.S. economic and foreign polity goals & maintain control: if problems persisted, the U.S. reverted to the Big Stick option of
Francisco "Pancho" Villa Mexican fierce nationalist, rebel and bandito that opposed Carranza's provisional government. He conducted raids on American soil that killed 17 Americans. He became a "wanted man" and was being pursued by Pershing & his men.
Russo Japanese War war between 2 imperialist nations competing for the control of Korea. Japan destroyed a Russian Pacific fleet, and then won a series of land battles, securing Manchuria & Korea. Running out of money, Japan asked President Roosevelt to negotiate peace betw
Emiliano Zapata Mexican rebel who opposed the leadership of Carranza's provisional government. As a son of a mestizo peasant, he was dedicated to land reform. "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees."
John J. Pershing American commander in France during WWI; his nickname "Black Jack" resulted from his command of black troops earlier in his career. Before being dispatched to France, he led an American excursion into Mexico in 1916 in a failed attempt to capture Mexican
Hay Pauncefote Treaty 1901 Britain gave the U.S. exclusive rights to build and control a canal through Central America.
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