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COM 101, 2.1+1

extra vocab terms

Facial Management Techniques (FM) Control of facial muscles to conceal inappropriate or unacceptable responses (FM)
Intensifying (FM) Receiving a gift and trying to look surprised is an example of (FM)
Deintensifying (FM) Receiving an A on a test but your friend gets a C, so you tone down your happiness so your friend won't feel bad (FM)
Neutralizing (FM) You show fear or sadness when you don't want to even though your feelings would be justified in the situation. Ex, being held hostage. (FM)
Masking (FM) Smiling when a friend receives an award even though you think you deserved to have won. (FM)
Haptics (H) Tactile or touch, communication; one of the most basic forms of communication (H)
Functional-Professional (H) Tailor touches a customer while measuring (H)
Social-Polite (H) Two people shake hands to greet one another (H)
Friendship-Warmth (H) Athletes touch a shoulder or pat each other's butts (H)
Love-Intamacy (H) Two people hug, caress, embrace, kiss, and so on (H)
Sexual Arousal (H) Sexual touch behavior including foreplay and intercourse (H)
Proxemics (P) Study of the use of space and of distance between individuals when they are communicating. (P)
Intimate Space (P) 0-1.5ft a personal relationship (P)
Personal Space (P) 1-4ft close friends are allowed to invade it. (P)
Social Space (P) 4-12ft. A classroom or a work environment is an example of (P)
Public Space (P) 12ft or more. At a concert a lot if is taken up (P)
Created by: Tain45