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Chapter 21 Quiz

Section 2: Who was Henry IV? A French protestant ruler who turned Catholic and declared the Protestant Declaration and who also was the 1st king of the Bourbon Dynasty of France.
Section 2: Who was Louis XIII? A ruler who was reassigned after Henry's death and appointed a strong minister to replace Henry.
Section 2: What does skepticism mean? Nothing is official.
Section 2: Who was Cardinal Richelieu, and how did he strengthen the monarchy in France? A ruler in France, and he moved against Huguenots as well as weakened the nobles power by creating a strong central government.
Section 2: How did Louis weaken the nobles? By excluding them from power.
Section 2: What was Versailles, and how did it help Louis control the power of the nobles? A large palace in which nobles have lived in, and he kept them busy there so they wont revolt against him.
Section 3: What two countries were at war with Protestant princes? Austria and Spain.
Section 3: What was the treaty that ended the 30 years war? The Peace of Westphalia
Section 3: Who was Maria Theresa? Ruler of Austria, in the Hapsburg family, and Roman Catholic.
Section 3: What did Maria Theresa do? Lower the power of nobility, and decreased the amount of labor on peasants.
Section 3: Who was the ruler of Prussia? Fredrick II (Fredrick the Great)
Section 3: What did the ruler of Prussia do? Built a strong army, established permanent taxes, and weakened the representative assembles of territory.
Section 3: What was the Seven Years War? A war between Europe, North America, India, forces of Great Britain, and Prussia against Austria, France, Russia etc.
Section 4: Who was the 1st Czar? Ivan IV or Ivan the terrible.
Section 4: What did he do during his rule? Answer from above. Increased the amount of land, established laws for Russia, and married into a Roman family.
Section 4: What did he believe was the death of his wife? Poisoned by the nobles.
Section 4: What did he do to the nobles in outcome of his wife dying? Had a secret police force hunt down and kill anyone who he thought was a threat.
Section 4: What was the name of the time period that resulted after the death of his sons? The "Time of Troubles"
Section 4: What was Peter the Great's intention as ruler? Westerization
Created by: 19kwilson