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Chapter 17 vocab

Civil War Vocab

Border states Kentucky, Maryland,Missouri, and Deleware (wavered between the North and the South)
Martial Law rule by army
Virginia Confederate war ship
Monitor Union War ship
emancipate to free
Emancipation Proclamation A proclamation to free slaves in the Confederacy (didn't actually work)
54th Massachusetts Regiment A regiment that accepted slaves from all over the North
Fort Wagner 54th Regiment led an attack there and almost half the regiment was killed
Copperheads People who supported the civil war
draft law that requires people at a certain age to join the army
habeas corpus the right to be charged or have a hearing before being jailed
income tax a tax on people's earnings
inflation a rise in prices and a decrease in the value of money
Profiteers a person who took advantage of a disaster to make money
siege a military encirclement of an enemy position and blockading or bombarding it in order to force it to surrender
Pickett's charge failed Confederate charge at the battle of Gettysburg
Gettysburg Address speech made by President Lincoln after the Battle of Gettysburg
total war All- out war that affects civilians at home as well as soldiers
Appomattox Court House Virginian town where Lee's army stayed
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