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Review for 1960s test

Shuttle diplomacy was instrumental in settling Israel's Yum Kippur War.
The largest group of people who voted for Nixon were known as the silent majority
Nixon was the first US president to visit this country China
the following tactics were used by blacks in the 1960s to gain their civil rights sit-ins at white establishments. freedom marches. bus boycotts
the following mew were assassinated during the 1960s Martin Luther King Jr. Robert Kennedy John Kennedy
John F. Kennedy the youngest to be elected and the first Catholic
Martin Luther King Jr Worked to peacefully bring about civil rights for blacks by reaching out to the white middle class and organizing protests.
Lyndon Johnson's domestic program was The Great Society
JFK's domestic agenda was known as The New Frontier
Malcolm X Controversial Civil Rights leader
Programs associated with the Great Society Hud Job Corps Fair Packing and Labeling Medicaid and Medicare Clean air and water act Highway safety Act
Nixon's special advisor and later secretary of state Henry Kissinger
movement that protested American involvement in Vietnam New Left
President Kennedy's domestic program The New Frontier
ended discrimination by literacy tests and harassment in federal courts. Civil Rights Act of 1964
Johnson's program for defeating poverty Great Society
Two issues that caused problems for the USA and Cuba Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs
Berlin Wall
Created by: Mrs. Tims