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fcat vocabulary

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

door 1
door 2
Author's Purpose   Decide on the reason the author wrote the passage.  
Author's Attitude   Attitude is a tone of voice worked into a piece of writing just as in a tone of voice when someone is speaking aloud.  
Compare   is the process of looking for similarities.  
Contrast   The difference between two or more objects.  
inference   Is making connections between the various information given.  
generalizations   Is the specific type of inference in which you formulate a general rule based on the data provided.  
conclusion   Is a common type of inference skill you form judgement or opinion based on the details in a passage.  
predictions   Invovle thoughts or actions that could continue beyound the passage into the future.  
propaganda   Is a type of persuasive monloge or one-sided message intended to coerce others to agree with a idea.  
learning by analysis   this means to use all the above strategies to develope a rich vocabulary of words that you have taken apart and put back together with context and history and smaller elements to understand the words at many levels/  


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Created by: batista