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med term lessons9-12

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

tarso   framework of the eyelid  
cheir, chir   hand  
calc   heel,stone  
cine   move  
digit   finger, toe  
dors   back  
gangli   swelling  
gemin   twin  
grad   walk  
gran   particles  
labi   lips  
micro   small  
peps   digest  
pleur   ribs,sides,pleura  
mamm   breast  
colla   glue  
later   side  
rachi   spinal column  
phob   fear  
phot   light  
dys   bad  
cut   skin  
en   in  
peri   about or around  
pro   infront of, before  
mechano   machine  
dynam   power  
osmo   odor  
traumat   wound  
trich   hair  
maxill   upper jaw bone  
an, a   without, not  
phak   lense  
pre   infront of before  
strict   draw tight  
turbin   shaped like a top  
ameb   change  
semi   half  
neo   new  
hormone   excite  
therm   heat  
syn, sym   together  
vuls   twitch  
post   after  
metr   uterus  
tegument   covering, skin  
pan   all  
poly   many  
ramus   branch  
neuro   nervous system  
thromb   lump, clot  
ab   away from  
plegia   paralysis  
ante   before  
thel   nipple  
ex   out  
lien   spleen  
tumor   swelling  
vestiblue   entrance  
puer   child  
sarc   flesh  
proli   offspring  
macro   large  
lal   speech  
intra   within  
inter   between  
infra   beneath  
cryo   cold  
mal   bad  
glom   ball  
tens   stretch  
spas   pull, draw  
somni   sleep  
lumbo   loins  
arter   artery  
appendic   appendix  
thyro   thyroid  
splen   spleen  
ovario   ovary  
adreno   adrenal glands  
basi   base  
pelvi   pelvis  
vena   vein  
urethr   urethra  
utero   uterus  
sacro   saccrum  
pharyng   pharynx  
duoden   duodennum  
ureter   ureter  
laryng   larynx  
bronch   bronchus  
col   colon  
esophag   esophagus  
bi   2  
tri   3  
ile   ileum  
ili   ilium  
lig   ligament  
therap   therapy  
pharmac   drug  


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Created by: alyssadrake