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Advanced Desktop Publishing

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

One of two or more vertical sections of typed lines lying side by side on a page and separated by a rule or a blank space   Columns  
Repetitive text that appears at the bottom of the pages in a publication   Footers  
Identifying text that appears at the top of pages in a publication   Headers  
An alphabetical listing of key words, phrases, or topics that includes the page numbers of which those items are found within a publication   Index  
Pages that contain reoccurring items such as page numbers as well as other design elements   Master Pages  
An extension for Adobe Acrobat Reader files   Portable Document Format (.pdf)  
Marks created by a professional printer to identify where the page will be trimmed   Printer Marks  
Facing pages   Spreads  
A listing of the major entries in a publication   Table of Contents  
A publication that can be used as a "model" for the creation of new documents   Template  
A summary of your academic and work history   Resume  


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Created by: kallie.garth