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heme crosswords

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

type of destruction when RBCs are destroyed in the spleen    
lead poisoning may demonstrate this RBC inclusion (2 words)    
Disease characterized by quantitative defect in hemoglobin production    
Megaloblastic anemia resulting from lack of intrinsic factor (2 words)    
Description of RBC where MCV = 94fL   Normocytic  
Macrocytic anemias are generally classified as    
Iron deposits in erythrocytes (2 words)    
First non-nucleated stage of RBC development in the bone marrow    
Major long-term storage form of iron    
Disease that results from an inherited abnormality of the structure or synthesis of the globin portion of the Hb molecule    
Protein that binds and transports iron in the blood   Transferrin  
type of anemia caused by vit b12 deficiency    
teardrop cells are also known as    
description of RBC size in Iron deficiency    
group of inherited disorders characterized by a block in porphyrin synthesis    


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Created by: BOMLT