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the repetition of consonant sounds at the begining of words Alliteration
a referance to something else that is well known (another piece of literature, an object, a person, or an event) Allusion
a short tale of an incident, generally highly interesting of comical Anecdote
the character in a story who opposes the main character in some way Antagonist
similar vowel sounds repeated in successive or nearby words ( ex.Susie's loose tooth) Assonance
the writer's personal opinion about the topic (usually a stubbornly-held opinion) Bias
the process of presenting aspects of a character within a story or other narrative Characterization
the highest point of suspense Climax
the main problem in the plot of a piece of literature; a struggle between two people, things, groups, or ideas Conflict
the reptition of a pattern of consonants within words (Ex. Zack's acrobatic act) Consonance
the turning point in a story Crisis
the part of a fiction plot that follows the resolution of the conflict Denouement
word choice; the use of particular words to convey meaning to the reader(can be formal or informal, concrete or abstract) Diction
the introduction to a story; the part that tells readers about the setting and characters of the story Exposition
a story with a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning; a short moral story (often with animal characters) Allegory
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