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Greek Rts EMS1st Sem

Greek Roots EMS 1st Semester 1-40

acer, acid, acri bitter, sour ex. acerbic, acidity
acu sharp ex: acute, acupuncture
ag, agi, ig do, move, go ex: agenda, agitate
ali, alter other ex: alias, altenative
altus high, deep ex: altimeter, altitude
belli war ex: rebellion, bellicose
bio life ex: biology, biography
bibl book ex: bible, bibliography
breve short ex; abbreviate, brief
calor heat ex: calorie, caloric
cap, cept take ex: capture, accept
capit, capt head ex: capital, captain
carn flesh ex: carnivore, reincarnate
caus, caut burn, heat ex: cauterize, cauldron
deca ten ex: decimal, decathalon
dem people ex: demography, democracy
dent, dont tooth ex: dental orthodontist
derm skin ex: dermatology, tacidermy
dic, dict say, speak ex: dictionary, verdict
end, endo within ex: endoral, endoskeleton
equi equal ex: equinox, equilibrium
erg work ex: energy, allergy
fac, fact, fic do, make ex: factory, amplification
fall, fals deceive ex: fallacy falsify
fer bear, carry ex: ferry, fertile
fid, feder faith, trust ex: fidelity, confederacy
fila, fili thread ex: filament, filter
gam marriage ex: monogamy. polygamy
gastro stomach ex: gastric, gastronomic
gen birth, race, produce Ex: genesis, genetics
geo earth ex: geometry, geology
hab, habit have, live ex: habitat, habitual
helio sun ex: heliograph, heliotrope
hema, hemo blood ex: hemorrhage, hemophilia
here, hes stick ex: adhere, cohesion
ignis fire ex: ignite, igneous
ject throw ex: reject, inject
join, junct join ex: junction, conjunction
jud, judi judge, lawyer ex: prejudice, judicial
jur, jus law ex: justice, juror
Created by: kabellr
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