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M4W3-Pop Quiz

MODULE 4 WEEK 3-Pop Quiz (Chapter 35)

How is the bite registration wax softened for use, and what arch is the wax placed on to take the registration?# Wax is softened with warm water and placed on the mandibular arch.#
What temperature is the water storage bath to maintain reversible hydrocolloid in the sol state?# 150 Degrees F#
How long is agar-agar tempered before placing it in the patient's mouth?# 5 minutes#
When using silicone impression material, where is the putty placed prior to insertion in the mouth?# The material is placed in the tray.#
What is used to duplicate the patients occlusion on models?# An articulate#
What is a negative mold of the mouth?# Alginate impression#
Do silicone impression materials have the advantages of polysulfide without the disadvantages?# Yes#
What is necessary for a temporary crown?# That margins are met, fit snuggly, and accurately prepared along the margin.#
A mandibular impression should be taken after maxillary impression. T/F# False. Mandibular impression should be taken first.#
Loading a mandibular impression tray is done in one increment. T/F# False. A mandibular impression tray is loaded in two increments.#
Define thermoplastic.# Becoming softer and pliable when exposed to heat.#
What are spacers?# It is placed on model during construction to allow room in the tray for impression material.#
How is polyether supplied?# It is supplied in tubes as paste.#
Define exothermic.# Releasing heat during a chemical reaction.#
What height should maxillary and mandibular models when in occlusion?# 3 inches#
How long should plaster models be soaked prior to trimming?# 5 minutes#
How long should self curing acrylic trays be able to set after they are made?# They don't need to set, they are already made.#
Before cementing a temporary crown what must first be checked?# Marginal fit, contouring, and occlusion.#
Define calcination.# Deriving water out of gypsum through heat.#
When the gingival margin of a temporary aluminum crown is trimmed, what is the result?# It reduces the occlusion and the height of the crown.#
How is an alginate impression removed from a patient's mouth?# Quick snapping motion.#
What stage does the acrylic resin have to be in, in order to place it on a model?# The second stage, or doughy stage.#
A liquid catalyst is also called a _______.# Monomer#
Curing is the same as ______________.# Polymerization#
What is the biggest advantage of light cured temporary material?# It's unlimited setting time.#
What is type I gypsum used for?# Impression plaster#
What is type II gypsum used for?# Model or lab plaster #
What is type III gypsum used for?# Laboratory stone#
What is type IV gypsum used for? # Die stone#
Created by: Rmontoya