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Medical Terms O2

Abdomin/o- Abdomen
Angi/o- Blodd or lymph vessel
Appen/o- Apprendix
Arteri/o- artery
arthr/o- joint
col/o- colon, large intestine
cyan/o- blue
dermart/o- skin
erythr/o- red
gastr/o- stomach belly
hepat/o- liver
muscul/o- muscle
my/o- muscle
nat/o- birth
neur/o- neither, neutal
ot/o- ear hearing
rhin/o- nose
path/o- disease, suffering, feeling emotion.
tonsil/o- tonsil, throat
vir/o- poison, virus
dys bad, difficult, painful
hyper excessive, increased
hypo deficient, decreased
algia pain, painful condition
ectomy surgical removal, cutting out excesion
it is inflamation
osis abnornal condition disease
ostomy surgically creating an opening
otomy cutting surgical incision
plasty surgical repair
rrhage bleeding, abnormalexcessive fluid discharge
rrhagia same as rrhage
rrhaphy surgical suturing
rrhea flow & discharge
rrhexis rupture
sclerosis abnormal hardening
abdominocentesis surgical puncture of the abdominal cavity
acronym an acrostic
acute (of disease) brief & severe (opposed to chronis)
angiography x-ray examination of blood vessels by injecting them into them a substance
appendectomy surgical removal of any apendage esp, the verniform apprendix
arterioscierosis pathological condition of the dictionary of the circulatory system
aethealigia pain in the joint
colostomy insion into the colon
cyanosis pathol a bluish-purple discoloration of skin & mucous membranes usually resulting from defiency of oxegen in the blood
dermatologist branch of medine concerned with the skin & a disease
diagmosis identification of disease by the examination of symptoms & signs & by other investigation.
diarrhea frequent & copisious discharge of abnormally liquid faeces
edema excessiveaccumulation of seros fluid in the intercellular spaces of tissue
endarterial see the arditery
eponym back formation from eponymous
erythrocyte the red blood cells
fissure a grove or crack like sore of the skin
fistula abnormal passage usually betwwen 2 internal organs or leading from an open organto the surface of the body
gastralia stomach pain
gatritis inflamation of the stomach
gastroenteritis anflamation of the stomach & intestines
gastrosis any disease on the stomach
hemorrhage a profuse discharge of blood as form a ruptured blood vessel; bleeding
hepatomegaly abnormal enlargement of the liver usually associated with liver disease & heart failure
hypertension elavation of blood preassure especially the diastolic preassure
hypotension decreased or lowered blood preassure
infection the condition of suffering an infection
inflammation redness, swelling, pain , tendernessheat & disturbed function of an area of the body. espeacially as a reaction of tiisues to injuriod agents
intersitial between but not within the parts of the tissue
intramuscular located or occuring within a muscle
laceration rough jagged tear
lession an injury; hurt, wound
mycosis the presence of parasitic fungi in or any part of the body
myelopathy any disorder of the spinal cord or of the bone narrow
myopathy any annormality or disease of muscle tissue
myorrhexis tearing a muscle
natal pertaining to a person's birth
neonatology study of the development & disorders of newborn children
neutritis inflamation of a nerves
otorhinolaryngology study of ears & larynx or throat
palpation exmine touch especially for the purpose of diagnosing tools
palpitation an usally or abnormaly rapid or violent beating of the heart
pathology condition & processes of a disease
phalanges plural of phalanx
poliomyelitis viral disease usually affectin children
prostate portaining to the prostate gland
pyoderma any skin eruption charactherized by pustules or the formation of pus.
pyrosis heart burn
remission abatement or diminution as of diligence labor intensity, etc
sign a token indication
supination matter produced by suppuration; pus
supracostal located above the ribs
symptom a sign or indication of something
syndrome group related or concident thing events actions etc
tonsillitis inflamation or a tonsil or the tonsills
trauma body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury as from violence or accident
triage determination of priority for action in an emergency
viral pertaining to or cause by a virus
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