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MT Ch 11 Test

Medical Terminology Chapter 11 test

1.what is the anatomy outside of the ear? The Pinna and the External auditory canal
2.The lamen terms and medical terms for the outside of the ear? (lamen terms) The Pinna is also known as the auricle The external auditory canal is also known as the eardrum
3.What is the curved structure that focuses images ? The lens also known as crystalline lens.
4.What is the medical term for eyelash? Cilia
5.What would I call the opening permitting light to enter the eye? Pupil
6.What would I call the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet? The Canthus
7.What does the oval window separate? It seperates the middle ear from the inner ear.
8.What would I call the surgical removal of iris tissue? Iridectomy.
9.This is a condition where pitting of the cornea is caused by infection or injury? Corneal ulcer .
10.What is the medical term for dry eyes? Xerophthalmia
11.What is the medical term for nearsightedness? Myopia
12.Define otoschlerosis? Is the ankylosis of the bones of the middle ear,resulting in a conductive hearing loss.
13.What would I call pus from the ear? Otopyorrhea
14.Be able to define presbycusis? Is a gradual loss of sensorineural hearing that occurs as the body ages.
15.This is a condition characterized by inward deviation of one eye? Esotropia
16.What would I call bleeding between the conjunctiva and the sclera? Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
17.Where do tears come from? The lacrimal glands produce lacrimal fluids (tears)
18.The abbreviation for left eye? (OS) Oculus Sinister
19.What would I call the opaque middle lair of the eye ball? Choroid also known as Choroid Coat
20.What treatment is used to reattach a detached retina? Retinopexy
21.What portion of the eye is color vision the best in? Fovea Centralis
22.Define macular-degeneration? Is the gradually progressive condition in which the macula at the center of the retina is damaged, resulting in the loss of central vision,but not in total blindness..
23.Define convergence? Is the simultaneous inward movement of the eyes toward each other. This occurs in an effort to maintain single binocular vision as an object comes nearer..
24.What is important in maintaining equal atmospheric pressure within the ear? Eustachian Tubes.
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